Family, Food, Fitness, & Focus Resource List

The Healthy Families Lab has collected resources on healthy eating and physical wellness for children, parents, and families to explore.  Topics include healthy snack recipes, portion control, nutrition facts, and activities to living a healthy lifestyle.

Recipes and Family Meals

Healthy Snacks—100 Calories or Less
Food, Fun & Family Recipe Packet
Snacks—A Bridge Between Meals
Super Healthy Kids-Building The Perfect Trail Mix
Last Minute Meals Shopping List*

Healthy Eating

Compare and Save: Eat Healthy, Spend Less*
Dietary Fats: The good, the bad, and the ugly
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Website
Hints for a Healthy Home
Home Tools for a Healthy Home
Go, Slow, and Whoa!: An activity to guide parents to make healthy food choices for their family

Nutrition & Portion Control

Healthy Eating Plate*
How to Use the Nutrition Facts Label*
Hand Guide to Portion Control
Live Better America: Portion Size Pocket Guide*

For Teachers

Eat Well & Keep Moving

*If you attended our family night, these handouts were provided


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